Omnixie Plus Smart Wifi Clock | Omnixie Plus 智能Wifi辉光钟


After the release of Omnixie in March last year, the definition of the traditional Nixie clock has been refreshed. It’s no longer a simple clock that uses Nixie tubes to display number but has Wifi automatic adjusting, mobile phone control, music tones, four-language talking time and some other modern intelligent clock. It has a simple and generous slim base, the black walnut frame with high-bright edge aluminum brushed top plate, widely obtains the customer of the recognition and praise.

但由于尺寸的限制,18mm直径的辉光管并不能完全彰显辉光钟的可贵气质,所以自从Omnixie作品诞生以后,我一直在准备设计一款基于30mm直径的辉光管的Omnixie,最初的想法是除了管子变大以外,其余的尺寸均根据Omnixie的尺寸等比例放大,虽然很有挑战,但经过一年多的设计和开发,终于实现了这个想法,我给她取名为Omnixie Plus。

However, due to the size limitation, the 18mm diameter Nixie tube does not fully reflect the precious of the Nixie clock. Therefore, since the release of Omnixie, I have been preparing to design an Omnixie based on 30mm diameter Nixie tubes. The original idea is remaining dimensions are scaled according to the size of Omnixie. Although it’s very challenging, after more than a year of design and development, I finally realized this idea, I named  it Omnixie Plus.

Omnixie Plus在今年5月17日的美国加州湾区的Maker Faire 2019上已经正式发布,在详细介绍之前,我们还是按照惯例先睹为快:

Omnixie Plus has been officially released on 17th May, the Maker Faire 2019 in the Bay Area of California, USA. Show some pictures before we go into detail:


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